Gauge.InfoText -- set/get gauge info text
The text given here is displayed within a gauge object and is usually intended to show some kind of percentage information.

This texts preparse is set to "\33c\0338", this makes it appear centered and highlighted by default.

Any %ld will be replaced with the current value of Gauge.Current.

Note that if you want to have a single percent character (%) you need to escape it using another percent character (%%) because the single percent character is used as a wildcard character.

Note: Up to V18 of gauge.mui, InfoText worked only for horizontal gauges. If you intend to use and change info text, you should specify an empty Gauge.InfoText ("") at object creation time. This makes your object get a fixed height that fits the height of the info text.

Since version 19 of gauge.mui, you can also use Gauge.InfoText for vertical gauges.

The string you specify here can use text formatting codes. See Text formatting codes for details.



mui.Set(obj, "InfoText", "Please wait... (%ld %%)")
The code above sets up a custom gauge text consisting of the line "Please wait" together with a percentage specification indicating the current gauge level.

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