Group.AddTail -- add detached object as last group child (V1.2)
mui.DoMethod(id, "AddTail", obj)
This method can be used to add the detached object specified by "obj" to the group object specified by "id". The detached object will be added as the group's last child. After this method returns the specified object will change its state from detached to attached. That is why you must no longer use functions that expect a detached object with this object now.

Before you can call this method, you have to put the group into a special state that allows the addition and subtraction of children. This can be done by running the Group.InitChange and Group.ExitChange methods on the respective group object.

Detached MUI objects can be created either by calling the mui.CreateObject() function or by explicitly detaching them from their parent by using the Group.Remove method.

id of the group object
id of the object to attach
See mui.CreateObject

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