1.1 Introduction

MUI Royale is a plugin for Hollywood that allows you to easily create MUI GUIs with Hollywood. The GUI layout can be conveniently defined using an XML file that is converted into a MUI GUI by MUI Royale on the fly. It just doesn't get any easier!

MUI Royale supports over 40 MUI classes including popular third-party classes like TextEditor.mcc and TheBar.mcc. Creating and managing menustrips is also fully supported. The highlight of MUI Royale, however, is certainly its inbuilt Hollywood MUI class. This class allows dynamic embedding of complete Hollywood displays into MUI GUIs which can be used to combine the best of Hollywood and MUI into one powerful application.

MUI Royale comes with extensive documentation in various formats like PDF, HTML, AmigaGuide, and CHM that describes MUI programming basics in detail and provides a convenient function and class reference. A step-by-step tutorial that guides you to your first MUI program is also included. On top of that, almost 20 example scripts are included in the distribution archive, many of which are direct ports from the MUI 3.8 SDK by Stefan Stuntz, but there are also original developments that show how to create video and song players using the combined power of Hollywood and MUI.

All this makes MUI Royale the truly royal MUI experience, carefully crafted for you kings and queens of MUI!

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