A.1 MUI license

This application uses MUI - MagicUserInterface (c) Copyright 1992-97 by Stefan Stuntz. MUI is a system to generate and maintain graphical user interfaces. With the aid of a preferences program, the user of an application has the ability to customize the outfit according to his personal taste.

MUI is distributed as shareware. To obtain a complete package containing lots of examples and more information about registration please look for a file called "muiXXusr.lha" (XX means the latest version number) on your local bulletin boards or on public domain disks.

If you want to register directly, feel free to send DM 30.- or US$ 20.- to

Stefan Stuntz
Eduard-Spranger-Straße 7
80935 München

Support and online registration is available at http://www.sasg.com/

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