3.5 Object handling

MUI Royale uses XML files to create MUI objects. When creating objects you can use all attributes marked with the letter "I" in the applicability section of the accompanying attribute documentation. For example, to create a string object with a string-kind frame, a maximum length of 80 and the initial contents "foobar", you would have to use the following XML code:

<string id="mystring" frame="string" contents="foobar" maxlen="80"/>

Once your object is ready, you can start talking to it by setting or getting one of its attributes or by sending it methods. For that purpose it is important that you give your object an identifier using the "id" tag so that the functions mui.Set(), mui.Get() and mui.DoMethod() can find your object. Here's an example of talking to your string gadget:

mui.Set("mystring", "contents", "look")
s$ = mui.Get("mystring", "contents")
DebugPrint("Always " .. s$ .. " on the bright side of life.")

As already mentioned above, all attributes and methods are completely documented in the documentation coming with this distribution.

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