1.4 Support for palette screens

Starting with MUI Royale 1.4, the plugin can also be used on palette-based screens, i.e. on screens in depths of 8-bit and below. This feature, however, requires guigfx.library and render.library to be installed. Otherwise, MUI Royale will fail to work on palette-based screens.

If your application doesn't only use MUI windows, but also needs to open normal Hollywood displays in addition to the MUI windows, you also have to install the Plananarama plugin which allows Hollywood to run on palette-based screens and you need to call @REQUIRE on Plananarama before you call @REQUIRE on MUI Royale, i.e. your script has to start like this:

@REQUIRE "plananarama"
@REQUIRE "muiroyale"

If your script only uses MUI windows, however, you don't need Plananarama. guigfx.library and render.library are sufficient then. If you wish to open Hollywood displays on palette-based screens as well, though, make sure to install Plananarama first.

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