36.1 Overview

Poppen class adds input capabilities to its super class Pendisplay. It should be used if your application allows users to configure some custom pens for rendering.

A Poppen object will appear as kind of a button which displays the currently selected color. When the user hits the button, a Popup window containing a Penadjust object opens up and lets the user choose change the color.

You can control the window title of the popup window using the Poppen.Title attribute on the Poppen object. It will remember its value and use it when creating the popup window.

As most MUI popups, the Penadjust popup window runs asynchronously and stays there until the user terminates it with "OK" or "Cancel". Furthermore, if the popup window is automatically cancelled if the pop button's root window gets closed.

You can get/set the current color from a Poppen object by using the Poppen.RGB attribute.

You can find some example code on using this class in the Class2 demo of the MUI distribution.

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