43.1 Overview

Scrollgroup objects can be used to supply virtual groups with scrollbars. These scrollbars automatically adjust according to the virtual and display sizes of the underlying virtual group. When scrolling is unnecessary (i.e. the virtual group is completely visible), the scrollers might get disabled or even disappear completely, depending on the users preferences settings.

It is important to note that scrollgroup objects do not work with normal groups. Instead, you need to give them a virtual group as a child, i.e. you need to use the <virtgroup> tag to create a MUI object of type Virtgroup class. See Virtgroup class for details.

Here is an XML example:

         <item>Amiga 500</item>
         <item>Amiga 1200</item>
         <item>Amiga 4000</item>

The XML code above embeds a radio and a listview object inside a virtual group which in turn is embedded inside a scrollgroup.

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