Texteditor.ExportHook -- set text editor's export hook (V1.4)
Depending on the inputs a different export hook will be fired as soon as text is exported from the text editor gadget. The default is to export the currently shown data as is. That means, that all text, including the escape sequences for showing soft styles will be exported.

You can change this behaviour by setting this attribute. The following export hooks are recognized:

Export all text as displayed, including escape sequences ('\33'). This is the default mode.

Export all text, but convert the soft-style escape sequences into the pseudo-standard text sequences like:

*bold*      : for bold text
/italic/    : for italic text
_underline_ : for underlined text
#colored#   : for colored/highlighted text
<tsb>       : for a thick separator bar
<sb>        : for a thin separator bar

Export all text like the Plain variant, but strip off all style relevant escape sequences. Also converts the escape sequences for the thick and thin separator bar into <tsb> and <sb> like the EMail hook.

See Texteditor.ImportHook for details.

String (see above for possible values)


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