mui.FreeObject -- delete a detached MUI object (V1.2)
This function can be used to delete a detached MUI object that has been created either by mui.CreateObject() or mui.CreateGUI(). The MUI object that you specify here must not be attached to an application, group, or menu object any longer because attached MUI objects are freed with their parent so make sure you only use this function with MUI objects that have been detached from their parent and are no longer bound to any parent object.

To detach MUI objects from their respective parents, you have to use one of the following methods: Application.RemoveWindow, Menustrip.Remove, Menu.Remove or Group.Remove.

When MUI Royale exits, it will automatically free all detached MUI objects so unless your program constantly adds and removes MUI objects at runtime, you will normally not have to call this function at all.

identifier of MUI object to free

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