3.5 Hardware sprites

Starting with Plananarama 2.0 the plugin also supports Amiga hardware sprites. Since these are managed by the Amiga's custom chipset hardware, they can be drawn extremely efficiently without any performance penalties. However, sprites have always been the Amiga's Achilles heel since they are quite limited in comparison to other systems (especially in comparison to gaming consoles).

Specifically, there are the following limitations when it comes to hardware sprites on the Amiga:

Due to all these limitations you won't be able to move mountains with Amiga hardware sprites but if you only need to have a few sprites, they can still be quite useful because they can be drawn so quickly since they are completely handled on the hardware level.

Note that when using hardware sprites you should use Plananarama in palette mode because in remapping mode you won't have control over the screen's palette pens so there is no way to set the sprite colors. See Palette mode for details.

Also note that you might want to set the SpriteResolution tag when using hardware sprites. Otherwise your sprites will use the system's sprite resolution which might not be what you want. E.g. if the system's sprite resolution is hires, your sprites will appear in hires as well which might not be what you want. The system's sprite resolution is typically identical with the mouse pointer resolution set in the system's "Pointer" preferences because AmigaOS implements the mouse pointer using a hardware sprite. So if the user has configured a hires pointer here, then all your sprites will use hires by default as well. If you don't want that, set the SpriteResolution tag to 1 to force lores sprites. See Configuring Plananarama for details. Note that the SpriteResolution tag is only really needed on AGA systems because on ECS systems sprites are always lores.

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