2.2 Frequently asked questions

This section covers some frequently asked questions. Please read them first before asking on the mailing list or forum because your problem might have been covered here.

Q: How can I modify existing PDF documents?

A: That's currently not supported but planned for a future version of Polybios.

Q: Why doesn't Polybios support the conversion of PDF pages to vector brushes on AROS?

A: That's because PDFium requires a compiler capable of handling C++11 and wide characters which is currently unavailable for AROS. But this will hopefully change in the future so that AROS users can convert PDF pages into Hollywood brushes too.

Q: Why aren't Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) characters drawn correctly in my document?

A: Make sure you have a TrueType font that has CJK support installed. For example, install Konatu on your system and CJK characters should be drawn correctly.

Q: The 68k version of Polybios doesn't work under OS4 emulation.

A: It seems that the OS4 JIT has problems dealing with Polybios' PDF renderer which is a 5 MB binary. If you really want to use the 68k version of Polybios on OS4, you need to disable JIT for the file LIBS:Hollywood/Polybios.ext. Then it should work.

Q: Is there a Hollywood forum where I can get in touch with other users?

A: Yes, please check out the "Community" section of the official Hollywood Portal online at http://www.hollywood-mal.com.

Q: Where can I ask for help?

A: There's a lively forum at http://forums.hollywood-mal.com and we also have a mailing list which you can access at airsoft_hollywood@yahoogroups.com. Visit http://www.hollywood-mal.com for information on how to join the mailing list.

Q: I have found a bug.

A: Please post about it in the dedicated sections of the forum or the mailing list.

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