3.10 Applicability

In the documentation of every object attribute you will find information about the applicability of this attribute. Attribute applicability is described in the form of a combination of the four letters I, S, G, and N. This tells you the various contexts that the attribute can be used in.

Here is an explanation of the different applicability contexts:

Attribute can be used when creating the object in the XML file. (initialization time)

Attribute can be used with moai.Set() at runtime.

Attribute can be used with moai.Get() at runtime.

Notifications on this attribute are possible either by using the "Notify" attribute in the XML declaration or by calling the moai.Notify() function at runtime.

For example, if an attribute has an applicability of just "I", then this attribute can only be used during object initialization time. It cannot be changed later using moai.Set(). If an attribute has an applicability of just "S" on the other hand, it is not possible to specify the attribute already at initialization time in the XML file. Attributes that have an applicability of "ISGN" can be used in all contexts.

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