19.1 Overview

Hollywood class is a powerful class that allows you to embed a complete Hollywood display inside your GUI as a widget. Whenever you draw something to a Hollywood display that is attached to a widget, it will automatically be drawn into your widget as well. You can even hide the Hollywood display and it will still work. Furthermore, all mouse clicks and key strokes that happen inside Hollywood class will be forwarded to the corresponding widget as normal Hollywood events. Thus, Hollywood class allows you to transparently use almost all of Hollywood's powerful features inside a widgets.

Here is an example of how to embed Hollywood display 1 inside your GUI:

<hollywood display="1"/>

Note that by default Hollywood widgets are not resizable. You can change this by setting the Area.FixWidth and Area.FixHeight attributes accordingly. If you set one of those attributes to False, you will get a resizable Hollywood widget and just like with normal Hollywood displays, your Hollywood widget will also be sent a SizeWindow message whenever the widget size changes. You can then adapt your widget's content to the new size.

See Hollywood bridge for details.

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