49.1 Overview

Texteditor class derives from Area class and creates multi-line text entry widgets with most of the functions of a normal text editor. It also supports text formatting via certain character codes if Texteditor.Styled has been set. This allows you to enable certain styles (bold, italic, underline) for your text as well as change the color of your text. See Text formatting codes for details. The XML tag's content is used as the initial contents of the text editor widget.

Here is an XML example of how to include a text editor object in your GUI:

<texteditor>Enter your text here!</texteditor>

Note that there is a slight difference between the texteditor widget on Windows and all other platforms: Windows' native texteditor widget uses two characters between lines (CRLF, i.e. carriage return and linefeed) whereas on all other platforms only a linefeed character is used. This leads to the problem that hard-coded index or range positions are not completely portable because Windows always uses two characters to start a new line. Be prepared to deal with this problem.

Also note that this class requires the TextEditor.mcc extension to be installed on AmigaOS and compatibles.

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