AdapterMainLoop -- enter display adapter's main loop (V6.1, optional)
int error = AdapterMainLoop(lua_State *L, int (*f)(APTR data), APTR data,
                  ULONG flags, struct hwTagList *tags);
This function is optional and must only be implemented if the HWEXT_DISPLAYADAPTER_MAINLOOP extension bit has been set. See Extension plugins for details. In that case, it must start the display adapter's main loop and after that run the function that is passed in the second parameter forwarding the third parameter data to it.

Normally, Hollywood doesn't explicitly ask display adapters to start their main loop since not all toolkits are main loop-based. Instead, by default, Hollywood repeatedly asks display adapters to wait for events by calling the WaitEvents() function and to handle events by calling the HandleEvents() function. Some toolkits, however, don't fit into this model very well because their API expects you to call a function which runs the main loop which in turn does all the event waiting and handling. If the toolkit your display adapter uses employs such a design, you can set the HWEXT_DISPLAYADAPTER_MAINLOOP extension bit to make Hollywood ask your plugin to start its main loop and call the function which hands back control to Hollywood after the main loop has been started.

Note that even if HWEXT_DISPLAYADAPTER_MAINLOOP has been set, Hollywood will still call your display adapter's WaitEvents() and HandleEvents() functions but you don't have to do anything in WaitEvents() then. It can just be an empty function. However, in HandleEvents() you still have to call into the master server and run timer callbacks. See HandleEvents for details.

Since this function starts the main loop of your display adapter, it is not expected to return until Hollywood should shut down, i.e. until the user has closed all displays managed by your display adapter.

pointer to the lua_State
function you have to call right after starting your main loop
data you have to pass to the function passed in the second parameter
reserved for future use (currently 0)
reserved for future use (currently NULL)
error code or 0 for success

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