3.4 __saveds keyword

If you compile plugins for the Motorola 680x0 processors or for WarpOS you have to make sure that all your functions that will be called by Hollywood are declared using the __saveds keyword or your compiler's equivalent of this keyword (some compilers use a function called geta4() or a __geta4 keyword instead). This is to make sure that the compiler generates code that loads the near data pointer in register a4 on each function entry so that your function is able to access its data. If you don't use __saveds in your functions that can be called from Hollywood, then the index register will still point to to the data section within Hollywood and not within your plugin which will lead to all sorts of trouble.

Note that you need not use __saveds for all your functions but only the ones that Hollywood will directly call into. This includes the functions your plugin exports, the Lua functions offered by your plugin as well as callback functions within your plugin whose pointers you pass to Hollywood functions.

When declaring your plugin functions, the HW_EXPORT macro will automatically set __saveds for you, e.g.

HW_EXPORT int InitPlugin(hwPluginBase *self, hwPluginAPI *cl, STRPTR p)

However, you will also need to use __saveds when defining the Lua functions for your HWPLUG_CAPS_LIBRARY plugin, e.g.

static SAVEDS int MyDiv(lua_State *L)
    double a = luaL_checknumber(L, 1);
    double b = luaL_checknumber(L, 2);

    // catch division by zero CPU exception and handle
    // it cleanly
    if(b == 0) return ERR_ZERODIVISION;

    lua_pushnumber(L, a / b);

    // push 1 to indicate one return value
    return 1;

static const struct hwCmdStruct plug_commands[] = {
    {"MyDiv", MyDiv},
    {NULL, NULL}

Here we use the macro SAVEDS which will only insert the __saveds keyword when building for 680x0 or WarpOS-based systems.

Finally, don't forget to set __saveds when writing callback functions that you pass to a Hollywood API call. These must also be declared with the __saveds keyword because, obviously, Hollywood calls into them, e.g.

static SAVEDS int dispatcher(APTR h, int op, APTR data, APTR udata)

handle = hw_AttachDisplaySatellite(&id, dispatcher, data, tags);

Make sure that you don't forget the __saveds keyword for all these functions! Trying to debug a crash that is caused by a missing __saveds declaration can be a really frustrating experience because very strange things will start to happen if the data index register hasn't been set up correctly.

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