BeginDoubleBuffer -- start hardware double buffer mode for display (V6.0, optional)
int error = BeginDoubleBuffer(APTR handle, struct hwTagList *tags);
This function must put the specified display into hardware double buffering mode. If Hollywood is in hardware double buffering mode, all calls to functions that draw something to the display like BltBitMap() or RectFill() must draw to the back buffer instead. This back buffer must then be drawn to the display whenever Hollywood calls the Flip() function of your plugin.

Please note that this function will only be called if the Hollywood script explicitly requests a hardware double buffer, i.e. the user has to set the hardware parameter to True when he calls Hollywood's BeginDoubleBuffer() function. If he doesn't do that, Hollywood will use its own software double buffering method and your plugin's BeginDoubleBuffer() function will never be called at all.

BeginDoubleBuffer() is an optional API and must only be implemented if HWSDAFLAGS_DOUBLEBUFFERADAPTER has been passed to hw_SetDisplayAdapter(). See hw_SetDisplayAdapter for details.

display handle returned by OpenDisplay()
reserved for future use (currently NULL)
error code or 0 for success

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