RegisterImageSaver -- register a new image saver (V5.0)
void RegisterImageSaver(struct SaveImageReg *reg)
Hollywood will call this function to get information about the image saver your plugin wants to register. In addition, RegisterImageSaver() has to tell Hollywood whether it wants to register another image saver. Hollywood will pass a pointer to a struct SaveImageReg to this function. This structure looks like this:

struct SaveFormatReg
    ULONG CapsMask;     [out]
    ULONG FormatID;     [in/out]
    STRPTR FormatName;  [out]

struct SaveImageReg
    struct SaveFormatReg hdr;

Your implementation has to do the following with the individual structure members:

This must be set to a combination of flags that tell Hollywood about the capabilities of the image saver that is to be registered. The following flags are currently supported:

Your image saver supports source image data that is delivered as a 32-bit ARGB pixel array.

Your image saver supports source image data that is delivered as 8-bit CLUT pixels that are index values for a palette look-up table.

Your image saver supports alpha channel saving. This is only supported if you also set HWSAVEIMGCAPS_ARGB.

If you set this flag, Hollywood will call RegisterImageSaver() again so that you can register another saver. If you don't want to register another saver, don't set this flag. (V5.3)

Note that HWSAVEIMGCAPS_ARGB and HWSAVEIMGCAPS_CLUT are not mutually exclusive. You can set them both if the target image format supports both true colour and palette-based pixel data storage.

This member must be set to a unique 32-bit value that should be assigned to the constant that is registered for accessing this image saver from Hollywood scripts. Values smaller than 32768 are reserved for internal Hollywood use. You may use values larger than 32768 for your saver but if you want to publish your plugin, you need to contact Airsoft Softwair to obtain a unique value that is still vacant. This won't cost you anything; it's just needed to make sure that plugin image savers don't use conflicting identifiers. Also, once you have published your image saver plugin, the FormatID you have specified must not be changed or you will break compatibility with applets or executables that have been compiled with previous versions. If you are registering more than one image saver using HWSAVEIMGCAPS_MORE, you can look at the FormatID member to tell how many times Hollywood has already called RegisterImageSaver() because FormatID will contain the identifier of the last image saver you registered. If FormatID is 0, then this is the first call to RegisterImageSaver(). Note that it is not recommended to keep your own counter because Hollywood might call RegisterImageSaver() multiple times, i.e. it might first loop over RegisterImageSaver() to determine how many image savers there are in total and then it might loop over RegisterImageSaver() again to actually register their names.

This must be set to a string that should form the second half of the constant that Hollywood registers for your image saver. This string you specify here must follow the naming restrictions for Hollywood constants, i.e. only alphabetical characters, numbers and very few special characters like the underscore character are allowed. The #IMGFMT_ prefix must not be included in the string you pass. Hollywood will add this automatically, i.e. if you pass the string "TESTFORMAT" here, Hollywood will make your image saver available under the constant #IMGFMT_TESTFORMAT.

pointer to a struct SaveImageReg to be filled out by your implementation

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