TransformFrame -- transform a vector frame (V9.0)
int ok = TransformFrame(APTR handle, struct hwMatrix2D *m, int width,
              int height);
This function is optional and must only be implemented if the HWEXT_ANIM_VECTOR extension bit has been set. See Extension plugins for details. If that is the case, this function must transform the specified vector frame according to the 2D transformation matrix passed in parameter 2. It must also clip the resulting frame to the specified width and height in pixels. After calling TransformFrame(), Hollywood will then call your plugin's GetFrame() function again to obtain the raw pixel data of the newly transformed frame. It is very important that the dimensions and the pixel array returned by the next call to GetFrame() match the dimensions passed to TransformFrame() in parameters 3 and 4 exactly.

TransformFrame() is only ever called for anims of type HWANIMTYPE_VECTOR. If your OpenAnim() function sets the anim type to HWANIMTYPE_RASTER, TransformFrame() won't be called at all and Hollywood will do all frame transformations on its own.

If the transformation was successful, TransformFrame() must return True. Otherwise it has to return False.

frame handle as returned by LoadFrame()
2D matrix describing the desired transformation
clipping width for resulting frame
clipping height for resulting frame
True or False indicating success or failure

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