hw_GetPluginList -- get plugin list (V6.0)
struct hwPluginList *list = hw_GetPluginList(struct hwTagList *tags);
This function returns a list of all plugins that have been loaded by Hollywood. This is useful if you want to disable other plugins or get access to their user pointer which can be used to expose a public interface to other plugins.

hw_GetPluginList() will return a pointer to a struct hwPluginList which looks like this:

struct hwPluginList
    struct hwPluginList *Succ;
    hwPluginBase *Plugin;

For each node in the list, struct hw_PluginList will be initialized as follows:

Contains a pointer to the next list node or NULL if this node is the last one.

Contains a pointer to the plugin's hwPluginBase. You can get all necessary information about the plugin by examining the members of this structure. See InitPlugin for a description of the individual structure members.

The list that is returned by this function must be freed using the hw_FreePluginList() function. See hw_FreePluginList for details.

Designer compatibility
Supported since Designer 5.0

reserved for future use; pass NULL
a list containing all loaded plugins

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