hw_RaiseOnError -- call user error handling function (V7.0)
int r = hw_RaiseOnError(lua_State *L, int error, struct hwTagList *tags);
This function can be used to run an error handling function installed by the Hollywood script using Hollywood's RaiseOnError() command. It returns 0 if there was an error handling function and it handled the error. Otherwise it simply returns the error code you passed in error.

This function is only here for people who need fine-tuned control over Hollywood's automatic error handler. Normally it is not needed to call this function manually. Under normal circumstances, managing error handlers should be left to Hollywood. If you need fine-tuned control over the error handler, you may also want to take a look at the HWMCP_SETDISABLERAISEONERROR tag for hw_MasterControl(). See hw_MasterControl for details.

Note that certain error codes need additional information that you have to specify by calling either hw_SetErrorString() or hw_SetErrorCode(). See Error codes for details.

Designer compatibility

pointer to the lua_State
error code you want to throw
reserved for future use; set it to NULL for now
0 if there is an error handling function and it was run successfully, otherwise the error code you passed in

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