hw_TmpNam -- generate temporary file (V5.0)
void hw_TmpNam(STRPTR buf);
This function will create a temporary file for you and copy its path to the specified buffer. Make sure that this buffer is at least 4096 bytes in size.

Before Hollywood 6.0, hw_TmpNam() only returned a file name and didn't actually create it. Since 6.0 the file is created now to prevent other applications from trying to use a temporary file of the same name.

Note that on AmigaOS and compatibles this function might create a temporary filename in RAM. If you don't want this because you need to write large portions of data to the file, use the new hw_TmpNamExt() function. See hw_TmpNamExt for details.

Please note that this function is potentially dangerous because it doesn't allow you to pass the size of the buffer. This is why you should use hw_TmpNamNew() instead.

This function is thread-safe.

Designer compatibility
Supported since Designer 4.0

pointer to a buffer receiving the file name; must be at least 4096 bytes

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