hw_TmpNamExt -- generate temporary file with options (V6.0)
void hw_TmpNamExt(STRPTR buf, int useram);
This function will create a temporary file for you and copy its path to the specified buffer. Make sure that this buffer is at least 4096 bytes in size. If the argument useram is set to False, hw_TmpNamExt() will never create a file in RAM on AmigaOS and compatibles. On all other systems there is no difference between hw_TmpNamExt() and hw_TmpNam().

Please note that this function is potentially dangerous because it doesn't allow you to pass the size of the buffer. This is why you should use hw_TmpNamNew() instead.

This function is thread-safe.

Designer compatibility
Supported since Designer 5.0

pointer to a buffer receiving the file name; must be at least 4096 bytes
True to allow temporary files in RAM, False to forbid them; this is only respected on AmigaOS and compatibles

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