2.5 History

    Version 2.0:    (03-Dec-22)
    - Change: Amiga installer will now also copy the plugins for all platforms to Hollywood's
      linker plugins directory so that they can be easily linked to executables
    - New: Added help strings to the plugin; when using the Hollywood IDE you'll now get live
      help for all plugin functions and methods (requested by Michael Rupp)
    - New: Finally added fully-featured documentation that describes the plugin's functionality
      in great detail so it should hopefully be much easier to use now
    - Change [Linux/macOS]: xml.hwp is now dynamically linked against the system's libexpat
      which reduces the executable size by about 200kb
    - New: xml.CreateParser() accepts an optional additional argument now that allows you to
      specify whether the "CharacterData" callback should try to merge the data or not
    - Change: Renamed some methods: xmlparser.New() is now known as xml.CreateParser();
      parser:pos() has been renamed to parser:GetPosition() and parser:close() is now called
    - Change: On error, parser:Parse() doesn't return extended error information any more but
      just a boolean value; to get extended error information, call the new parser:GetError()
    - New: Added the following new callback functions: EntityDecl, AttlistDecl, ElementDecl,
      EndDoctypeDecl, SkippedEntity, XMLDecl; these allow you to parse almost all elements of
      XML documents now
    - New: Added xml.SetSerializeOptions() command; this command can be used to set several
      options to be used when serializing a Hollywood table or deserializing an XML document
    - New: Added xml.SetSerializeMode(); this can be used to set the desired (de)serialization
      mode; this can be #XML_SERIALIZEMODE_LIST (the default), #XML_SERIALIZEMODE_NAMED or
      #XML_SERIALIZEMODE_HOLLYWOOD; list serialization mode stores the tree nodes as sequential
      numeric table items whereas named serialization mode stores the tree nodes as named
      table items, which means that there mustn't be two table items of the same name at the
      same tree level; Hollywood serialization mode is a special mode designed to (de)serialize
      arbitrary Hollywood tables; it uses a special format to store additional information
      in the XML
    - Change: Changed plugin name from xmlparser.hwp to xml.hwp because it can't just parse
      but also write XML files now
    - New: Plugin supports Hollywood 9's new serialization capabilities now; this means that
      you can easily serialize a table to XML using Hollywood's WriteTable()/SerializeTable()/
      SavePrefs() functions and read it back into a table using ReadTable()/DeserializeTable()/
      LoadPrefs(); even the serialization of binary data and functions is fully supported  

    Version 1.1:    (02-Jul-15)
    - New [Linux]: Added build for Linux ARM
    - Fix [Linux/macOS]: Plugin is now compiled as position-independent code (PIC)

    Version 1.0:    (20-Mar-12)
    - First release

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