ForcePathUse -- always use path-based drawing (V5.0)
This command can be used to redirect all drawing commands of Hollywood's standard graphics primitives library to the new vector-path based draw library. This is especially useful for round shapes like circles, arcs, and ellipses, because the standard drawing library is line-based, which means that round shapes will never look perfectly round because their round shape must be approximated through lines. The vector-path based drawing library on the other hand can draw perfectly round shapes which will look better than the line-based approach of the standard drawing library.

To enable the path-based drawing for the standard functions, pass True to ForcePathUse(). Then, the following standard functions will be patched to make use of the new vector-path based drawing: Arc(), Box(), Circle(), Ellipse(), and Polygon().

Keep in mind, though, that if you enable path-based drawing for the standard library, you will always get layers of type #VECTORPATH if layers are enabled. The standard draw library on the other hand would add layers of type #ARC, #BOX, #CIRCLE, #ELLIPSE, and #POLYGON respectively. Normally, this does not make much of a difference, but it can be an issue if you try to change the attributes of a layer using SetLayerStyle(), because layers of type #VECTORPATH do not have the same functionality than the other layer types. See SetLayerStyle for more information about the supported attributes for the different layer types.

Please also note that in Hollywood versions earlier than 6.0 your script will require a vectorgraphics plugin if you pass True here. Starting with Hollywood 6.0 there is an inbuilt vectorgraphics engine as well.

Finally, it should be mentioned that vector-path based drawing is of course slower than the polygon based drawing of the standard drawing library. On modern systems, however, it does not make a great difference.

flag that specifies whether or not to enable the path-based drawing for standard functions (True means enable, False means disable)

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