Circle -- draw a circle
Circle(x, y, radius[, color, table])
This function draws a circle at the position specified by x and y using the specified radius and color (RGB value). The circle will be drawn in the form style specified using SetFormStyle() and will be filled according to the configuration selected with SetFillStyle().

The width and height of circle will be radius * 2 + 1 (center point).

If layers are enabled, this command will add a new layer of the type #CIRCLE to the layer stack.

New in Hollywood 2.0: Color can also be an ARGB value for alpha-blended drawing.

Starting with Hollywood 4.5, this function accepts a new optional table argument that can be used to specify one or more of the standard tags for all of Hollywood's draw commands. See Standard drawing tags for more information about the standard tags that nearly all Hollywood drawing commands support.

Please note that due to historical reasons the position that has to be passed to this function in the first two arguments is really the top-left corner of the circle's bounding rectangle. This might be confusing since traditionally circles are drawn relative to their center point. Due to a design mistake in Hollywood 1.0, however, Hollywood unfortunately deviates from this standard.

x offset
y offset
radius of your circle
optional: RGB or ARGB color (defaults to #BLACK) color is optional because it is not required when you render to a mask or alpha channel
optional: table containing further arguments; can be any from the ones listed above and from the standard tags (V4.5)

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