LegacyControl -- enable or disable certain legacy features (V6.0)
LegacyControl(feature$, enable)
This function can be used to enable or disable certain legacy functionality that Hollywood still supports for compatibility reasons. You have to pass the name of the feature that you want to address as well as True to enable this feature or False to disable it.

The following strings can currently be passed in feature$:

Before Hollywood 6.0 only one music could be playing at a time. This limitation has been removed with Hollywood 6.0 but by default, PlayMusic() will still stop any playing music in order to be fully compatible with previous versions. If you don't want that, you have to call LegacyControl() and set SingleMusic to False. Hollywood will then be able to play multiple music objects at the same time. This tag defaults to True.

Before Hollywood 6.0 all round shapes drawn by the functions Arc(), Circle(), Ellipse() and Box() (when using the optional parameter to draw a box with round corners) were drawn as polygons which made them look rather square. Starting with Hollywood 6.0 these round shapes are now drawn as real Bézier splines if antialiasing is turned on. This will be a little slower than the polyline-based approach from previous versions, but it will look much better. If you want Hollywood to keep using the polygon-based approach from previous versions, you can set this tag to True. In that case, the functions listed above will draw shapes that look exactly the same as the ones drawn by previous versions. This tag defaults to False except when running an applet compiled by Hollywood versions older than 6.0. In that case it defaults to True.

name of the feature to enable or disable (see above)
True to enable the feature, False to disable it

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