PlayAnimDisk -- play an animation directly from disk (V1.5)
PlayAnimDisk(anim$[, x, y, frameskip, speed, transcolor, times])
This function plays the animation specified by anim$ directly from disk. This is useful if you want to display large animations which do not fit into your memory. Of course, this function is a lot of slower than PlayAnim() which plays an animation from memory.

New in Hollywood 1.9 is the optional times argument which allows you to specify how many times the animation shall be played. This defaults to 1 which means that the animation is only played once. If you want to loop the animation indefinitely, specify 0.

Important note: Since Hollywood 2.5 it is better to use LoadAnim() with FromDisk set to True for disk anims. This gives you more flexibility because you can also use the other commands from the anim library (like ScaleAnim() etc.) and you can also access the anims as layers using NextFrame() - all of which is not possible with PlayAnimDisk().

See LoadAnim for supported animation formats.

animation file to play
optional: x-position for the animation on the display (defaults to 0)
optional: y-position for the animation on the display (defaults to 0)
optional: frame skip (defaults to 0)
optional: delay after each frame in ticks (defaults to 0)
optional: transparent color for the animation (defaults to #NOTRANSPARENCY)
optional: specifies how many times the animation should be played (defaults to 1) (V1.9)
PlayAnimDisk("Animations/LargeAnim.gif", 0, 0, 3)
The above code plays the animation "Animations/LargeAnim.gif" and skips 3 frames per run.

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