SetFillStyle -- set filling style for draw commands (V1.5)
SetFillStyle(#FILLGRADIENT, type, startcol, endcol[, angle, t]) (V2.0)
SetFillStyle(#FILLTEXTURE, brush_id[, x, y]) (V2.0)
SetFillStyle(#FILLNONE[, thickness]) (V2.0)
This function allows you to define the filling style for the Arc(), Box(), Circle(), Ellipse() and Polygon() commands. By default, the filling style is set to #FILLNONE, which means that just the outlines are drawn.

Currently the following styles are supported:

Fill objects with color

Do not fill object, just draw the outline. Starting with Hollywood 2.0, you can also specify a line thickness. The default for thickness is 1 which means an outline thickness of a single pixel. Note that #FILLNONE only supports the #SHADOW and #EDGE form styles when layers are enabled. Otherwise no shadow or border will be drawn.

Fills objects with a gradient. You have to specify three more arguments which set the type of the gradient as well as its colors; additionally you can specify the optional argument angle which will rotate the gradient, and there is an optional table argument for even more options; See CreateGradientBGPic for details. (V2.0)

Fills objects with a texture. You have to specify an additional argument which specifies the identifier of the brush that shall be used for texturing. Please note that any transparency channels that the brush may have (mask or alpha channel) are currently not supported by texturing. The optional x and y parameters are new in Hollywood 4.6. They allow you to specify an offset into the texture brush. Texturing will then start from this offset in the brush. The default for these arguments is 0/0 which means start at the top-left corner inside the texture brush. (V2.0)

a style id as listed above
additional arguments depend on the chosen style
Box(0, 0, 320, 256, #RED)
Draw a filled red rectangle at 0:0 with a dimension of 320x256.

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