SetObjectData -- store private data in an object (V5.0)
SetObjectData(type, id, key$, value)
This function can be used to associate any kind of private data with an object. You have to pass the type and identifier of the object as well as a key string under which the data should be stored inside the object structure. value can be any kind of Hollywood data value: It can be a string, a table, a number, or even a function. Everything is possible. If the key specified in key$ is already used inside the object, the old data will be replaced with the new one.

To access the data later, you can use the GetObjectData() function.

See Object types for a list of all object types.

type of the object to use
identifier of the object to use
key under which the data should be stored
data to store
SetObjectData(#BRUSH, 1, "brushgroup", "A")
d$ = GetObjectData(#BRUSH, 1, "brushgroup")
The code above stores the value "A" in brush 1 under the key "brushgroup" and then retrieves it again. d$ will be set to "A".

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