41.1 Overview

This library provides abstract functions to deal with Hollywood objects. Hollywood objects are all objects created and managed by Hollywood, e.g. brushes, anims, background pictures, videos, etc. Those objects will be closed and freed automatically when Hollywood exits. It is recommended, though, that you free objects no longer needed yourself in order to avoid unnecessary memory consumption.

Object library functions like GetAttribute(), GetObjectData(), or SetObjectData() require you to pass an object type constant together with the identifier of the object. The following object type constants are currently recognized:

An animation object created by @ANIM or LoadAnim(). See ANIM for details.

An animation object created by BeginAnimStream(). See BeginAnimStream for details.

An asynchronous draw object created by PlayAnim(), the functions in the move object library, or by the transition effects functions.

A background picture object created by @BGPIC, LoadBGPic() and the like. See BGPIC for details.

A brush object created by @BRUSH, LoadBrush() and the like. See BRUSH for details.

A client object created by OpenConnection() or passed to your OnConnect event handler callback. See OpenConnection for details.

A clip region object created by CreateClipRegion(). See CreateClipRegion for details.

A directory object created by OpenDirectory(). See OpenDirectory for details.

A display object created by @DISPLAY or CreateDisplay(). See DISPLAY for details.

A file object created by @FILE or OpenFile(). See FILE for details.

A font object created by @FONT or OpenFont(). See FONT for details.

An icon object created by @ICON, LoadIcon() and the like. See ICON for details.

An interval object created by SetInterval(). See SetInterval for details.

A Hollywood layer created by one of the commands which draw graphics, e.g. DisplayBrush().

A memory block object created by AllocMem() and the like. See AllocMem for details.

A menu object created by @MENU or CreateMenu(). See MENU for details.

A move list object created by AddMove(). See AddMove for details.

A music object created by @MUSIC, OpenMusic() and the like. See MUSIC for details.

A mouse pointer object created by CreatePointer(). See CreatePointer for details.

A sound sample object created by @SAMPLE, LoadSample() and the like. See SAMPLE for details.

An serial connection object created by OpenSerialPort. See OpenSerialPort for details.

A server object created by CreateServer(). See CreateServer for details.

A sprite object created by @SPRITE or LoadSprite(). See SPRITE for details.

A text object created by CreateTextObject(). See CreateTextObject for details.

A timeout object created by SetTimeout(). See SetTimeout for details.

A timer object created by StartTimer(). See StartTimer for details.

A UDP object created by CreateUDPObject(). See CreateUDPObject for details.

A path object created by StartPath(). See StartPath for details.

A video object created by @VIDEO or OpenVideo(). See VIDEO for details.

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