17.25 Vector animations

Hollywood's anim library also supports a special type of anim: a vector anim. To find out if OpenAnim(), LoadAnim(), or @ANIM have loaded a vector anim, you need to query the #ATTRTYPE attribute for the anim using GetAttribute().

The advantage of a vector anim in contrast to traditional raster anim formats like GIF ANIM and IFF ANIM is that you can scale and/or transform it without any quality losses. For example, the ScaleAnim() command will produce high-quality anim frames when used with vector anims. Also, when layers and the layer scaling engine are enabled, vector anim layers will be automatically scaled and transformed without any quality losses. Therefore, if you only use vector anims and TrueType text in your script, it can be scaled to any resolution and will still appear perfectly crisp.

The disadvantage of vector anims is that they are not supported by all Hollywood functions. For example, you can't draw to them using SelectAnim().

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