Notify.NotifyData -- set/get event specific user data
This attribute allows you to define notification specific user data in an object. You have to pass a string here that contains one or more notifications and user data for each notification in the string. When a notification that is specified in the string is triggered, the event handler callback will receive the user data specified in Notify.NotifyData in the NotifyData field of the event message.

The string that you need to pass to this attribute must be formatted as follows: Name of the notification attribute, followed by a colon, followed by a user data string, followed by a semi-colon. The sequence may then be repeated as many times as it is requred.

For example: "Active: foo; DoubleClick: bar;". When the "Active" notification is triggered, "foo" will be send to the event handler callback. When the "DoubleClick" attribute triggers, "bar" will be sent.

See Notifications for details.



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