Treeview.ForceMode -- override default treeview mode
RapaGUI can use two different widgets for Treeview class depending on your settings. For example, in case a single-column treeview with no headings is used, RapaGUI might use a different widget for reasons of efficiency in case the host OS provides such a widget. For example, on Windows RapaGUI will use the Treeview control instead of a fully featured Dataview in those cases. If you don't want that, set this attribute to the desired widget and RapaGUI will try to use it.

The following modes are currently recognized:

Automatically selects the widget that fits best. This is the default.

Use a Treeview widget. Treeview widgets only support single column trees with no editable items and no checkboxes and no titles and no special decorations.

Use a Dataview widget. Supports everything but currently uses a generic implementation on Windows.

Note that on AmigaOS and compatibles this attribute doesn't have any effect since RapaGUI always uses the same widget on those platforms.

String (see above for possible values)


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