Treeviewleaf.Edit -- prompt user to edit a leaf item
moai.DoMethod(id, "Edit", column)
This method can be used to programmatically initiate leaf item editing. Normally, item editing is started by the user by slowly double-clicking an item. This method provides an alternative to this user mechanism.

This will only work if Treeviewcolumn.Editable has been set to True for the respective treeview column.

When the user has finished editing, the Treeview.ValueChange attribute will be triggered.

Note that if you have installed a listener on the Treeview.StartEditing attribute, then this callback will be asked for permission first before editing is actually started.

To learn about editing operations getting cancelled, you can listen to the Treeview.AbortEditing attribute.

Also note that on AmigaOS and compatibles this feature is only available on MUI 4.0 or higher.

id of the leaf
column index of the leaf item to edit

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