Treeview.ValueChange -- get notified when treeview item value changes
When setting up a notification on this attribute, RapaGUI will run your event callback whenever a treeview item's value has changed because the user has toggled the checkbox or has edited the item. Note that Treeview.ValueChange will not trigger if the item's value was changed using the Treeviewleaf.SetItem or Treeviewleaf.SetState methods. It also won't trigger if Treeviewnode.Name was used to change the item's label.

For items in checkbox columns, TriggerValue will be set to either True or False, reflecting the new checkbox state. For items in text columns, TriggerValue will contain the new item text.

Additionally, your event handler will be called with the following extra arguments:

ID of the item (node or leaf) whose value has changed.

Column index of the item whose value has changed. For nodes this will always be 0.

See Notifications for details.

Boolean or string (depending on column type)


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