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Hollywood comes with an extensive documentation of its language and command set in various formats (HTML, CHM, PDF, AmigaGuide). The documentation is also available as an online reference here on this site.

  • Hollywood 7.1 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Hollywood SDK 7.1 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Hollywood Designer 4.0 documentation (html | pdf)


  • GL Galore 1.1 documentation (html | pdf)
  • Malibu 1.4 documentation (html | pdf)
  • MUI Royale 1.7 documentation (html | pdf)
  • RapaGUI 1.2 documentation (html | pdf)
  • RebelSDL 1.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • XAD 1.0 documentation (html | pdf)
  • ZIP 1.1 documentation (html | pdf)


Hollywood's community is lively and helpful with users from all around the globe. If you need any assistance with your own projects, feel free to ask for help on one of the Hollywood forums, or on our mailing list.


> Official Hollywood forums
> German Hollywood forums

Mailing list

Our mailing list is hosted at Yahoo! groups. To join it, you need to have a user account with Yahoo. When it was created in 2006, the mailing list was set to invite only which unfortunately was a one-way setting. Thus, you still need an invitation in order to join the list. To get an invitation, please simply enter your e-mail address below and click on "Submit". Please note that invitations are sent manually, so please allow some hours before you get yours.

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