11.5 Repeat-Until statement

There are two versions of the Repeat statement: A conditional version and an endless version.

1) Conditional version of the Repeat statement:

Repeat <loop-block> Until <expr>

The conditional Repeat statement will repeat the specified loop block until the given expression becomes true (non-zero). In other words: The block will be looped while expr is false (zero). This is just the other way round as the While statement behaves: While loops the code while the expression is true and Repeat loops the code while the expression is false.

Here is an example:

i = 1
    i = i + 1
Until i = 100

This code counts from 1 to 100. When the loop exits, the variable i will have the value 100.

You may also want to have a look at the documentation of the Break and Continue statements. These can be used to exit from a loop or to jump to the end of it.

2) Endless version of the Repeat statement:

Repeat <loop-block> Forever

The endless version can be used to repeat a specific portion of code forever. You can still jump out of the loop by using the Break statement though. The endless version is mostly used in the main loop of a script that calls WaitEvent(), e.g.


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