Listviewitem.Icon -- set image for listview entry
Set this attribute to the identifier of a Hollywood brush or icon to add an image to your listview entry. Whether this attribute expects a Hollywood brush or icon, depends on what you specify in the Listviewcolumn.IconType attribute. By default, Listviewitem.Icon expects a Hollywood brush. You also need to set Listviewcolumn.Icon to True if you want to use icons in a listview column.

To change the icon of a listview entry later, you can use the Listview.Rename method.

Note that RapaGUI might scale the image to fit to the current monitor's DPI setting. Please read the chapter on high-DPI support for more information. See High-DPI support for details.

Please also read about RapaGUI's image cache to learn more about icon support in RapaGUI. See Image cache for details.

On AmigaOS and compatibles icon support is only available with MUI 4.0 or better.



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